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Elina Nechayeva - La Forza - Estonia - LIVE - First Semi-Final - Eurovision 2018

Tomi Rahula, a well known musician, songwriter and producer, has taken on the role and has immediately made known his views on how to develop the show in future. Rahula is also known as a producer of many music programs.


Tomi Rahula, a well known musician, songwriter and producer, has taken on the role and has immediately made known his views on how to develop the show in future. Rahula is also known as a producer of many music programs.

Tomi Rahula since received a football referee license. Since , he has been married to the daughter of the President of the Estonian Football Association, Aivar Pohlak, Anni, who also works as a referee. This is a very good TV show already; the goal is simply to make it even better," he continued. For the first time in the history of the competition, the main producer becomes a musician, and besides, the one who already participated in it personally.

In , my song "Children of the Sea" won, then it still was the Eurolaul contest. So I want to make the event more musical. As a composer and a participant in the competition, I know the vulnerabilities that the songwriters would like to focus on. As for the team, the technical staff remains the same: But my personal team has changed a bit,"-. I personally do not know which of the entries came from the Academy. The Eesti Laul Academy, created by Mart Normet, has been held four times, the last of them in the fall of At the same time Rahula does not rule out the ordering of songs from certain songwriters.

He says that this is important to raise the quality of the competing entries and that professionals can contribute to the improvement of songs. There should be professionals to help them to make the story to sound like a winner," Rahula explained. On 6 September, Rahula has revealed proposed changes in the Eesti Laul format. Until now, 20 artists have been competing in the semifinals of the show with half qualifying to the finals - now the number will increase to 24, so the final will feature 12 entries.

Now composers have a little more opportunities to prove themselves," Rahula explained.

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This year will also introduce a participation fee, which will depend on the language of the entry. According to Rahula, the aim is that people avoid submitting joke entries. Participation fees will be used to create Stage Show Fund, which will be used for Eurovision preparations. ERR will no longer make a separate contribution to it, and the amount used is therefore public from the beginning.

Эстония на «Евровидении». Совершенно та же Википедия. Только лучше.Эстония на «Евровидении». Из Википедии — свободной энциклопедии.Субтитры. Содержание. 1 Участники. 2 Галерея. 3 Примечания. 4 См. также. 5 Ссылки.

Of course, the artist can afford additional expenses if they wish. Rahula noted that he worked on the new rules throughout the summer and tested it on the most successful Eesti Laul songwriters. Submission period was launched on 1 October and for the first time entries are submitted online. The final opportunity for the submission will be at Names of qualifiers will be revealed on 15 November.

All songs submitted to the Eesti Laul should be completely new and their first release rights remain with the ERR during the publication of semi-finalists, which will be done no later than December 4.

Эстония 25 раз принимала участие в конкурсе песни Евровидение. Лучшим было выступление в году, когда первое место заняла пара Танеля Падара и Дэйва Бентона с песней Everybody, а в году третье место заняла певица Сайлен с песней Runaway.

Foreign authors may be involved in writing a song, but in the same way as in the past year, at least half of the songwriters must be Estonian citizens or residents. For the first time in recent years, performers may also be non-residents. The date of birth of the performer s is no later than 15 April Complete regulations are available here.

To participate in the contest, the following must be submitted together with the song: Final versions of chosen entries have to be submitted by 25 November. Participation fee totalled to Euros. Of the songs corresponding to the rules, the jury has chosen a total of 24 songs for the semifinals. The jury evaluated the entries blindly i. Names of qualifiers were revealed during Ringvaade show on 15 November, artists were presented to press during special event on 19 November in ETV Museum.

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Songs will be presented on 1 December. Rahula has clarified the fact that Karl-Erik Taukar, partner of the singer Kerli Kivilaan was in the jury. It was agreed with the members of the jury that they would not evaluate their relatives". Victor Crone took part in Melodifestivalen Sissi is the daughter of the Eurovision winner Dave Benton Participating entries were revealed in "Eesti Laul Start" broadcast on 1 December.

This year, participants had an additional task to produce videos for their entries to make the presentation more enjoyable. Videos in shortened form will be broadcast, and full videos will be available online. Most of the artists have filmed videos themselves, while Baltic Film and Media School students helped in creation of seven videos.

Since the week is short period to produce full music video, artists will have the opportunity to replace their videos later. All songs of Estonian preselection Eesti Laul can be heard on ERR website Program also introduced new layout graphics for the Eesti Laul, designed by Hmmm Creative Studio which created the avant-garde design of the year inspired by the already famous songbird of Eesti Laul.

An entire Eesti Laul alphabet was released , from which both performers and viewers are able to make their names. Eesti Laul semifinals will be held on January 31 and February 2 originally was announced date of January One of the biggest changes is that semifinals will also take concert dimensions, moving away from Tallinn to Sports Hall of the University of Tartu.

The final will be held at Saku Suurhall on February Tickets for the shows went on sale on 8 November. Tickets for semifinals will cost The winner will be selected in two round voting, in the first round by mix of televoting and jury vote, and in the superfinal by televoting only. The authors of the songs selected to the semi-finals will be paid the following royalties by the Estonian Association of Songwriters: For the performers the fees will be paid by the Association of the Estonian Performers: Semifinal 1, 31 January.

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